Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Four New Osho Communes birthed in Nepal.

By Swami Aatmo Neerav.

When Osho visited Nepal in 1986 he seemed to see much behind the smiles and welcoming eyes of the simple people of the country. For he was later to say that in just a few years the whole country would be colored red, and its streets would run over with the colours of his sannyasins. It seems that this prophesy is taking life.

With the already existing four active communes and 67 meditation centres, one is bound to meet a maroon clad, freely swanking his mala, and flowing around the cities of Nepal. Now the chance of meeting these maroon clad is only to grow as four more communes are to be added.

Local sannyasins have initiated four commune projects in different cities under the patronage of Swami Anand Arun, an old Osho disciple, and the Co-ordinator of Osho Tapoban.

In Lumbini, the birth place of Gautama Buddha 10.6 acre land has been purchased by sannyasins to build an international village known as Osho Chetban International Village. The purchased plot is at a distance of 1 km from Gautama Buddha’s birth place. Bordered by a river the purchased land has been divided into three units; meditation unit, residential unit and a community unit. The village will have 100 residential houses with the facility of a community hall and centre, a meditation hall and a forest area. As the land is protected by the Lord Buddha Trust, no commercial activities or structures can be built around this area. Foreign sannyasins can also acquire land on a lease basis of 99 years.

In the city of lakes, Pokhara, sannyasins have already purchased the half of the purposed 3.8 acre for an Osho International Commune. Bordered by two huge white water rivers the purchased island overlooks a green forest and is situated very close to the Himalayan ranges of Pokhara. The plot is at 4kms distance from the Pokhara airport.

In Eastern Nepal, the Dharan municipality has granted 5 acres of land to Osho Nirvana Centre for developing it into a full fledged active and residential Osho commune. With a river boundary on one side, the land also has a dense forest and an already existing small hall which can be used for immediate meditation. A committee of local sannyasins has been formed for developing the land. In Southern Nepal also; an Osho lover has donated 8 acres land near the East West Highway in Lahan for developing it into an Osho commune. Sannyasins have already started planting trees and a plan has been passed to build a house for twenty people.

The patron of these projects Swami Anand Arun said; “It will be very difficult for people to believe in such big news. But it is all true. The finance and the plans have already been developed for building these communes. Soon we will have four more Osho communes in Nepal.”
All the four communes are spiritually affiliated to Osho Tapoban.